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771 million people worldwide do not have clean drinking water. That is almost 10 times as many people as currently live in Germany. In addition, one in four people in the world does not have access to a toilet. Diarrheal diseases, which are caused by unsafe drinking water, a lack of latrines and poor hygiene, are among the leading causes of death in children under the age of five.

The Neven Subotic Foundation fights this serious problem: The foundation promotes the construction of wells and sanitary facilities for schools and communities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. Access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene - WASH for short - is the basis for children to attend school regularly. Education gives children a lasting chance to lead a self-determined life – this creates real prospects for the future.

Because we wanted to do something good and meaningful to celebrate our first game, we have decided to celebrate our launch with setting up first fundraiser. Any donation will be used 100 percent by the foundation directly in the local projects. Foundation founder Neven Subotic finances all administrative costs privately. So together we can help truly effectively!

We are happy about every amount and any support! 

Thank you very much,

David & Stefan

PS: In below video you can learn more about the work of the foundation
Trivia Quiz
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