Erasmus+project "water is life"

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Erasmus+ project "water is life" - Three partner schools react!

The Schulsprengel Bruneck (Bruneck, IT), the ecole élémentaire Maurice Korsec (Marseille, FR) and the Europagrundschule Siegfried-Drupp (Dortmund, GER) have joined their forces via an Erasmus+ project. 

The motives are firstly climate protection and secondly education for sustainability. Water is becoming more important worldwide: We hear about many aspects such as microplastics in the seas, water scarcity in Europe and non-European countries, groundwater pollution through fracking, renaturation of rivers, etc. and last but not least, 771 million people have no access to clean water. The 2030 Agenda lists 17 goals for our world, goal 6 is "clean water". Aspects enough to act together, to bear responsibility for society as a whole and, in the interests of sustainability, to get people to deal with it and get a corrected attitude at an early stage. 

The children know the words climate change, global warming and have followed the "Fridays for future" movement. They also want to help and do something. The best conditions for the project to become active, to behave consciously and to ask further questions. It is similar in the three partner schools and as part of the exchange we get to know our own regional approaches to find solutions to problems.

In the three countries we walk the path from the source to the sea and meet along the way ...

- ... in Bruneck/IT: threat from water (snow, flooding), springs (origin of the water), mountain lakes (water quality), reservoirs (supply), waterfalls (energy),

- ... in Marseille/FR: Palais Longchamp (historical, water supply), pollution of the sea (Mediterranean, currently cruise ships, plastic waste), fishing (overfishing, nutrition),

- ... in Dortmund/GER: renaturation of the rivers (industry, fish stocks, Ruhr, drinking water), water as transport routes (canals, Dortmund Ems Canal, inland port, ship lift, lock), etc.

These topics are expanded by "We in Europe as part of the world" by "thinking outside the box" together, because broadening the view to Ethiopia via the Neven Subotic Foundation establishes the connection between Europe and the world. As a result the children can understand that the impact is global and that clean water is important to our lives. Part of the project are art projects on the subject of water, in the context of which great works of art are created. The purchase of a work of art contributes to the realization of the right to water and thus to a dignified and self-determined life. The proceeds go to the Neven Subotic Foundation.

The Neven Subotic Foundation supports the construction of wells and sanitary facilities for schools and communities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. Access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene - WASH for short - is the basis for children to attend school regularly. Education gives children a lasting chance to lead a self-determined life – this creates real prospects for the future.

Together we can help effectively! We would be very grateful if you would support us in this campaign and if we join forces to make a better future possible for many people.

We are looking forward to any amount and your commitment!

Thank you very much!

Erasmus+project "water is life"
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